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Simple, but surprisingly brilliant


«Mini Twinny», that’s the new steerable rod pusher developed by Schenk. There’s nothing like it on the market. Even in confined spaces, «Mini Twinny» allows horizontal directional drilling. You can use it for a 51 cm overall width in an 80 cm shaft.


Using different expanding tools, one or several pipes of up to 120 mm in diameter and up to 50 m length can be put in place – depending on the conditions of the ground. It allows a change of direction of up to 25 m bend radius.


«Mini Twinny» is relatively lightweight and therefore extremely user-friendly. The lenght of the frame can be adjusted; thus the frame dimensions can be adapted to the existing spatial conditions. A wall flange allows installation even on concrete walls. «Mini Twinny» is powered by a hydraulic station or a small excavator.


This new unit can be obtained from Schenk, including detailed hands-on instructions and professional support.



New: Mini-Twinny Shaft Version


The core drilling machine can be rotated 180 degrees so that the core drillings lie exactly opposite.


Maximum diameter of the core drilling is 150 mm.


The grid can be positioned at will in a shaft of at least 80 cm in diameter.


The «Mini Twinny» is clamped to the grid which absorbs the power generated by the drilling unit and transfers it to the shaft ring. Pressure is thus evened out and and the shaft ring will not break.



Shaft grid with core drilling machine
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